Chained to a Doomed Future

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Struggling in vain, squandering all of his might, Sam watched with unwilling eyes as the crashing ocean waves loomed before him, approaching with each new tide, threatening to submerge him in minutes. Sam glanced around him, his heart pumping blood loud enough to cause pain to his ear drums, and noticed the others, chained with him. Most had tears streaming down their faces, thinking of their individual fates. Their neighbors were far from their minds.

Only very few were protesting, screaming, doing everything in their power to protect the people around them. Somehow they had removed the chains. Sam watched as they were “dealt with” by superiors.

Sweat clung to his brow and he searched for any opportunity to free himself. Sam thought himself too strong to cry for help, but as he realized he had only moments left, he abandonned his pride and yelled for help. As the ocean waves, foaming and angry, had all but engulfed the people, Sam took a last look at his wrists, which were naked, and always had been.

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  1. Avatar Tillie Turner

    strong message.

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