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  1. Under the Oak Tree

    Dew stained grass tingles against my ankles, and I take another bite of my sandwich. An unwelcome breeze penetrates my thin school pullover, and leaves above my head flutter in a down-wards spiral. A few meters behind my back, I could hear a few girls ...

  2. But Acting Is Dangerous (Mature)

  3. Heaven

    Marianne’s eyes swelled with tears, as she was introduced, for the first time, to her grandparents. Their withered cheeks pulled into a wide grin, and their wrinkled hands met her smooth palms. “I’ve always wanted to know you,” ...

  4. Donacis Street

    “I told you to ask for a street number! Now we’re lost,” Mom grumbled, fumbling for her cellphone. She hated driving; if she could, she would cycle everywhere. “She said her house stood out from all the rest. That’s why sh...

  5. I'm Sorry... for Being a Communist?

    “Pam, what’s going on?” Henry cried out, wiping trickles of perspiration in between the creases of his brow. His checkered shirt was already stain with sweat from the walk to work, and gum clung to the sole of his shoe. But Henry knew...

  6. It Only Takes One...

    … spindle wheel! Apparently, any person under the age of twenty can die from pricking their finger on the needle, but we’re not that young anymore, so I figured…" Stanley paused hesitantly, to observe his wife’s reaction. &...

  7. Kristin

    As soon as the announcement was make, Kristin didn’t know whether to cry or grin eagerly. So she squirmed in her seat, dreading the next few weeks. She expected not to be asked out (who wants a girlfriend smarter than themselves?) and yet she kin...

  8. Lucy (Reader) (Mature)

  9. Count the Shadows

    The creature in my room never sleeps; he waits, he whispers, and he plots.

  10. Take Off

    I bought my ticket to Melbourne, and waited for my flight for three hours. By then I had re-applied my make-up, dried my hair, and composed my face, until it was plastered into a dazed, confused yet persistent expression. With an hour to go, I began li...

  11. Missed Opportunity

    A cab pulled over after a minute, to my drenched figure. I hesitated before opening the door, and glanced over my shoulder. My flimsy blue dress clung to my body, as did my hair to my forehead. My eyeliner smudged and tricked down my cheek. For some hi...

  12. White Wedding

    “So… this is it?” I glued my glistening eyes to the teaspoon that balanced on the edge of my empty saucer. Since picking up the antique china cup, I hadn’t been able to remove it from my rigid grip. “It doesn’t have ...

  13. From Kristin to Juan

    Kristin bit her lip anxiously, before scribbling a note on spare lined paper. Dear Juan, I know we don’t know each other well, but I need to ask you something. This is a little embarrassing to admit, but I’m finding Spanish a bit difficult....

  14. Une Histoire Qui Tombe À L'Eau

    C’était sept heures du soir, une samedi d’automne, quand je préparais ton diner. “T’a fais quoi, ce matin?” je t’ai demandé avec une voie innocente. “Riens de particulier,” tu as répondu. “JR...

  15. Election Day

    “Yes, I just dropped off the kids… I know what day today is, Tim… OK, bye,” Kristin hung up her mobile, a little guilty. This day always made her edgy. It wasn’t her husband’s fault. She drove her Land Rover down to ...

  16. Curiosity Killed the Cat

    Strands of short brown hair floated about the summer wind, deranging Cora’s neat, straight bob. Her fringe also flailed about annoyingly, but Cora didn’t regret her decision. She had always wanted to know what it felt like to have short hai...

  17. Kristin Stuart in 25 Years

    Early submission Oh, Mrs Bishop, do you even have to ask? By the time I’m 39, I’m hoping my political career will be flourishing. Most people think I just want to be a brainiac, and its true, I like being smart, but I want to make a differe...

  18. Freedom

    Fluorescent lights. Blasting speakers. Don’t speak. Just dance, drink and look sexy.

  19. All's Fair In War

    The stench of sweat was draped heavily across the battlefield, due to the stifling heat. I seemed to be the only warrior shaking in my faux leather boots with unquenchable fear. Yet I did not flee, and intended to live out this hellish war. The much an...

  20. Desk #1: Kristin Stuart

    Squirming in her seat as if she has some bladder control issues, Kristin’s arm shot up so fast it hurt. She rolled her eyes as Mr Dobbins pretended to think about which student to pick. It wasn’t as if anyone else bothered using their brain...

  21. Open Wide

    “Come sit in the chair, Andy. Dr Peele will be here shortly,” an assistant with short bleached hair and a nose ring informed the lanky teenager, standing awkwardly in the corner of the room. “I don’t want to,” Andy whined ...

  22. On Call at the Hospital

    “Dr Dow!” Jenny squealed. “You’re needed in emergency room 204.” Her blonde curls bounced about her petite shoulders as she bobbed beside me. I rubbed my eyes before replying. “I’m aware of that, Jenny. HowR...

  23. The Passion That Overcame Reason

    The first day of Summer was uncomfortably sticky, drenching the courtroom in sweat. The judge’s bald head would have been shining, even in the dimly lit room, if it weren’t for his elaborate wig. “The jury has come to a verdict,”...

  24. You're Not Sorry

    While wandering around my apartment, clustered with useless junk, I remember our first fight, appropriately in first grade. “You stole my last strawberry!” I had accused you, along with your innocent blueberry eyes. “I… I didn&#...

  25. 15 Words Part 11

    It was her. She looked just like her mother. Same nail polish, same dehydrated spirit.

  26. As Time Goes By

    My spidery fingers kneaded into the faded ivory keys, finally attaining soft yet melodious chords, practically silencing my left hand. Sprawled into various positions, my fingers gradually grew louder at one of my favourite points in the piece. A kiss ...

  27. Encounters at a Beach

    Grains of supple sand, caught in between my toes and spilled across my heel, seemed of an endless supply at Tourmaline Beach. I stretched my legs before me, settling into my blue and red striped beach chair. Marcel Pagnol’s works, in his own tong...

  28. Never Break Tradition

    This was the first New Year’s I had ever spent without my parents. We would always go down to the beach at ten to twelve, a packet of Smith’s chips and a bottle of Kirk’s creaming soda tucked under our arms. Sometimes we would see dru...

  29. Volcano Day

    Brilliant smoking lava gurgled from the highest point of what we thought was simply a colossal mountain of rocks. Crusts of stone flew in every direction, impossible to dodge. A magnificent flow of lava spilled onto our city at a terrifying speed. The ...

  30. Murderess

    “Good evening, Alan,” I greeted my husband as I sauntered into our bedroom. I could already see beads of sweat forming at his brow. I tended to have that effect on him. “You would never believe who I ran into this morning,” I be...

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