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“Carla, I’ve got something I need to tell you. I’ve been having an affair.”

Her face fell. “You have? Wh… who with?”

Luke smiled. “With this pizza.”

She smiled too, and punched him on the arm. “Well, I can totally understand why. I mean, there’s so much meat on it. Even I’m feeling a little tempted. In fact…”

She stretched her neck upward to take a bite out of the pizza in Luke’s hand. His mouth dropped in amusement and fake shock.

“Oh-ho! I don’t remember saying I wanted a threesome!

“I don’t remember saying you could eat that pizza behind my back,” Carla smiled.

They laughed. They kissed. They felt remarkably at ease around each other, like they could say anything and it wouldn’t matter. And nights like this, where he sat on the couch with her laying beside him, resting her head on his lap, watching a movie, eating pizza… nights like this felt perfect.

Sometimes all you need is someone to be comfortable around, to love and to be loved by. Sometimes nothing else truly matters.

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  1. Avatar Melia

    sniffle That was wonderful. A lovely little moment captured between a couple. Like an in-between moment, you know? Couples have their ups and downs and momentous, memorable occasions, but it’s the stuff like this, that happens in-between those occasions, that make a great couple. I adored this.

  2. Avatar NinjaChicken

    Agree with Melia — nicely done, Ben. You’ve captured a moment with a careful choice of words with wonderful style!

  3. Avatar BARomero

    It’s these quiet little moments that wind up meaning more than the big event dates. Liked it lots!

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