My Side of the Mountain

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There were some old, spooky-looking books at one end of the shelf—with heavy bindings and even padlocks. I was almost positive they were just props—from what I’ve read, inside your head is the last place you’d want to keep the Necronomicon—but all the same I steered toward safer selections.

One shelf held several old spiral notebooks. I flipped one open to find page after page of neat, feminine handwriting.

February 2, 1964

Kitsune’s gotten to be pretty old for a dog. Mom says he’s on his last legs, but she’s going to show me a trick where I can make him better and keep him forever. She says I can put him inside my head. I think I’d like that. That would mean I could have him with me wherever I am—even at school! I’m going to—

I hastily shut it and slid it back in the shelf. I’d seen enough animé to know that as soon as I started reading a girl’s diary, the girl would show up and the misunderstandings would only get worse.

Finally, I settled down with a dog-eared copy of My Side of the Mountain.

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