Watching and Waiting

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“I hate stakeouts.” Lisa growled over the radio. They had managed to track down the hotel where the guest speaker was staying at, and Aegis agents had met them there with Sera and Fur’s proper bodies, all evidence of the previous sparring gone from them.

“Says the one whose partner isn’t trying to see how much she can adjust the seat without me noticing. Yes, I can feel that, sis,” James replied, sounding outright annoyed.

“Hah, that’s nothing. Wait until she gets a song stuck in her head. I had to deal with Fur playing that diamonds song by Rob Thomas on non-stop repeat for nine hours once.” Lisa retorted.

James sighed. “At least it’s a good song. Hey, it looks like we’ve got some activity, check out the parking lot entrance. How often do you see tow-trucks show up at a hotel?”

“You do have a point there, and I’m seeing a Malibu just like the one that the bellhop said was his rental pull in. Stand by, it could be nothing or it could be the Marauders trying to be sneaky. Best not to blow our cover yet.”

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  1. Avatar Pyropunk 51 (PPP LoA)

    good advice.

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