Ambrosia Dawn

“Tell me a bit about yourself.” She smiled at that, like she had been expecting me to say just that, just now. “What can I say?” She sat forward and gave me a nice view down her low cut top as she tapped the ash from her cigarette into the ashtray, sitting back and biting the end of the black holder in her white teeth but I was too distracted by how it pushed against her red painted lips. “I’m just a simple girl. I like all the things that most girls like; poetry, music, dancing…I do like to dance. Do you dance?” What could I say? “For you, Toots?” Her blue eyes slimmed as she inhaled more smoke, and I sat forward, brushing a wave of brunette locks from her pale cheek. “Anything.” Another smile, warmer but just as dazzling as the last. “Oh, and I write.” She mentioned, offhandedly. “You do?” I couldn’t keep the interest from my voice, I didn’t try. She nodded and blew a smoke ring, tapping her ash into the tray again. “I write everything; friendships, lovers, pain…I even sometimes write my own death.”

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