Metaphoric Epic Fail

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about spider webs, bundles of sticks, slug slime, melting points in long-chain hydrocarbons, Darwinian evolution, medication side effects, marmosets, and neuroanatomy. Needless to say, I haven’t been able to come up with one coherent analogy or metaphor, only a great deal of pointless mental meandering. It happens.

The underlying theme, as I highly doubt it could be evident from the above rambling list, is participation and interconnectivity, which are to me, the beauty of this site. Anyone, especially these days, can make a website, a blog if you will, and post their stories, novels, musings, manifestos, and naked self pics. If you structure it right, make it all searchable and whatnot, people might even stumble upon the material and read it. You could even provide a way for them to leave comments. Great. Good for you (except the self pics, cause that’s a bit naughty…I mean, what would your mother think?).

Here we have the wonderful opportunity to interact. I would put forth that the strength and quality of your experience is largely based on how much you are able to make connections with other authors, thus the spider webs and stick bundles. This can take the shape of adding sequels or prequels to their work, participating in challenges, or just commenting frequently and earnestly. In this way, the site becomes more than just a receptacle into which one may spew unending gobs of material. It becomes a living and lively communal organism of thought.

I realize that sounds a bit icky when I put it like that, thus the slug slime mentioned earlier. I promise you, however, it’s a good thing. It’s a great thing. It’s a Ficly thing. So get out there, and stick yourself into the mass in as many ways as you can!

Happy Ficlying!

10 comments Posted 2010-04-21 Author: THX 0477


  • Browncoatben

    What a cool piece. It amazes me how you tied that random list of jibber jabber into a coherent, well-considered thought.

    Well said and harumph!

  • Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    “the site becomes more than just a receptacle into which one may spew unending gobs of material. It becomes a living and lively communal organism of thought”. This was the type of hidden quazi erotic metaphor that would have made Henry miller proud. If that wasn’t your subconsious intent well i guess maybe freud was right about Me..hehehehehe
    This was great but your words of inspiration always are.

  • shadowlight

    You have a real way with words (are you a science teacher?). I’m new to this site, but what you write certainly makes sense. It’s fun to interact with other writers and even more fun when they return the favor. Thanks for sharing and doing it so eloquently.

  • blusparrow (LoA)

    very inspirational as always THX =). hahah the photos part made me giggle

  • THX 0477

    Hahaha, am I a science teacher? I’ve never thought of science teachers as necessarily having a way with words.

    And no, I am not a science teacher, though I did teach chemistry a while back, but just as a TA.

  • Samurai Jack

    I think thats a bit more than 1024 characters. How do I get in on that jazz

  • H.S. Wift

    I don’t get Teacher. I get Student Revising Off Their Head For Exams. It fills your head with random crap that blocks out what you want to achieve in your thoughts. I enjoyed the evolution of the post from random babbling to an actual message.

  • Wednesday [PJ] ((LoA))

    This is what I love about this site, and it helps that almost everyone on here has that little bit of insanity in them.

  • Mighty-Joe Young (A.K.A Strong Coffee)(LoA)

    @pj little bit????

  • Eloquent Mess {(LoA)}

    I want you all to take my gobs of goo and love them, put them in your eyes and thus in your brain. Give them to your kids and your lovers and your neighbors.

    I want all to experience my goo.