Radio WFCY

Other than reading, my personal favorite form of mass communication is the radio. It’s a limited medium, just audio, but that’s the beauty of it: depending on what it is, you can make of it what you’d like as far as visuals are concerned.

So! Philosophy aside, I issue you all a challenge: In the space of one ficly, two max, write up something that could be heard on the radio. It could be a news/sports report of some kind, an excerpt from a radio drama, a commercial (commercials are limited to one ficly), something you’re liable to hear on the ol’ wireless.

Edited: no deadline. Just keep it going! I may recognize a few prominent bits from time to time.

The mic’s ready, the “on-air” sign’s lit up… what’s next up on Radio WFCY?
(Note: any similarity to any real “Radio WFCY” or “WFCY” is completely coincidental)

Challenge Entries