As Epic As It Gets (And Then A Little More)

I’m sure you’ve seen one of those awful velvet posters of a panther leaping out of a waterfall made rainbows or a unicorn flying from a volcano. Maybe you’ve watched a few of those of weird death metal music videos where a dragon shoots lasers at a knight made of crystal. Maybe you just listen to Dio and Iron Maiden a little more than you should.

In whatever form, we’ve all experienced that overwhelming Epicness. The sort of Epicness that takes a running leap over the line between Awesome and Absurd and just keeps going until you’re not sure if you should be amazed or rolling your eyes.

And that is my challenge- write something truly Epic.

If you are willing to cross the line into a world where up is down and left is a dragon made of fire, then this is the challenge for you. It doesn’t have to be in any particular setting or even make much sense. It just has to be awesome.

Challenge Winner

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