Self Esteem!

Too many ficleteers and writers in general are lacking self esteem and confidence. I have read no end of profiles that say : "I’m a rubbish writer, " or, “I have no talent.”
I myself sometimes post a comment on a piece of mine saying how terrible it is. Whether this is a plea for sympathy or gentle rating I cannot tell, but I think we all need a little boosting.

I would love you to write a FORMAL letter. It should not be addressed specifically to anyone on the site although you can have someone in mind – even yourself. The aim of the letter is to give anyone reading it confidence in their writing. It is a test of gentleness but also a little strictness
I nearly wrote then: this isn’t a very good challenge, but I’m stopping myself.
Extra points for:
-Formality: the letter cannot be casual and should be addressed like: Dear sir/madam. or something.
-Empathy: it should be quite emotionally personal showing that you yourself care.
-Language, structure + punctuation: as always.

Shine for me

Challenge Entries