Ficlyfication AKA Ficlyfy this

I have a dream. In that dream people ficlyfy things and it is good.

Clearly that means you should be taking a longer work of fiction, be it a book, a film, a computer game or something else, and condensing it into 1024 characters or less.

The Guardian newspaper does something similar if you want examples:

I’m sure there are other similar things scattered all over this crazy thing we call the internet.

Make them funny or clever, preferably both, but try to get in as much of the original as possible.

Remember, lots of things have lapsed copyright so you can run riot with those (Shakespeare? Yes please). Any concerns about copyright law, refer to the relevant section of the FAQ and if in doubt do some reading on the doctrine of fair use. Education is a fine thing.

Now, go at it. You’ve got a month.

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