The story of Leeroy Jenkins.

The tale of a phenomenom that has swept the internet inspiring everyone to hear the name.

The legacy that has brought an era of interest to the World of Warcraft.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, Leeroy was a Warcrafter who went away from his computer while his group came up with the plan to take on the boss. Mr. Jenkins then returns and, ignorant of the strategy, charges into battle, letting loose a mighty war cry, “LEEEEEEEEEEEEERROOYY!!!!!!!” Well anyway, his allies were caught off guard but followed a moment later, the party wiped, everyone was dead, and yet, Leeroy Jenkins’ memory lives on. It’s infiltrated several other games and websites, and he has even been given his own achievement on World of Warcraft, the game that started it all. And now, Leeroy comes to Ficly.

Oh, right, challenge, yeah. OK, Agent , you must write a story about a protagonist who rocks up late and charges in head first, with his own personal battlecry.

Challenge Entries