Suicide is Painless

A character’s emotions are sometimes very difficult to pinpoint. For that reason alone a writer should be prepared for any occurance.

Suicide – especially teen suicide, is a tough write, requiring a lot of personal investment in order to pull it off.

That’s the challenge.

Write a Ficly that spotlights teen or young adult suicide but is not limited to any age or group. It can take any form – a note left by the victim, an aftermath from the POV of someone left behind, a dispassionate observation from the POV of an affected or unaffected third party.

The successful story will convey the sense of loss, hoplessness, helplessness, anger, frustration, or even black humor of the situation. It will acquaint the reader with the victim and the events that led to such a drastic action.

Grammar and structure count towards winning as do presentation and interpretation.

Good Writing.

This challenge is an opportunity to explore deat at one’s own hand.

Challenge Winner

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