From the Wright Brothers to the moon shot, aviation has always been the stuff of dreams. From the time that 35 MPH was fast to the time when Mach 3 was slow, humankind reached into the heavens on artificial wings to take their place among the clouds. For a hundred years, pilots have been the epitomy of “The Right Stuff.”

Your challenge is to capture the essence of the pilot, his spirit, his drive, his adventures in the air. In war or peace, against all odds of distance or mechanical limitation, your ficly will tell the story an airman, a “flyboy” has written with or around an airplane.

Your pilot can be young or old, male or female, outstanding or ordinary, ficticious or historical and the deeds your ficly portrays can be real or imagined, so long as it is an interesting read.

Extra credit for humor, a complete story and mechanical accuracy (a T-28 Navy Trainer has a 3-bladed prop and the attack version of the same plane has a four-bladed prop).

Make this one the best you’ve ever written!

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