Save the Date

Dear Ficloids,

As my own birthday approaches, I have been thinking about the digits on which I was born. Not necessarily the astrology, but the actual date and time. I have never been a real math head, but thinking about the meaning of the numbers (and if there is any) is so intriguing to me.

Enough babbling though. Use your own birthdate and build a story around it, using it as…oh, I don’t know…inspiration. Any genre is fine, but you can only enter ONE entry. You don’t even have to state your birthdate, if it makes you uncomfortable. I’m not sure how you could create a story around it then, but whatever works for you works for me.

I’m looking for MAJOR creativity, so really step outside your comfort zone.

Sincerely, Kihd
Err… Teehn?

Challenge Entries