Way back when...

While helping my mom clean out the garage, I found a box of my old school stuff, dating all the way back to kindergarten. Most was not legible/comprehensible, but some was okay. I also found what I think might be my first story ever. I’ll post it later.

My challenge for you to post what you think is your first story. No matter how childish, inane, ridiculous, or downright silly it might be, post it.

If you joined Ficly and then started writing, so that your first story is on Ficly, you are allowed to repost it, although I’d rather you post something that was written when Ficly was just a twinkle in your eye.

PLEASE clean up the grammar and spelling, for the ease of reading.

Multiple entries are allowed, as are a series.

Since this could be some VERY OLD writing, I won’t be rating it, only commenting. I ask that you do the same for others in the challenge. This is more for entertainment than anything else.

Have fun!

Challenge Entries