Achievement Unlocked!

It’s the craze that’s sweeping the video game world – you do something special and hard to do (or VERY easy to do, in the case of The Simpsons), and you get a sound bite, a little picture, and a note that you earned an Achievement and what the point value is in the irrelevantly chest-thumping economy of gamers. Xbox does it, PS3 does it, Steam does it, World of Warcraft does it – all of these awards can exert a powerful influence over how you play all games, let alone any single game.

Let’s say you’re in a game – you, right now. You earn an Achievement. Tell us how you got it, what it was called, how many points it was worth, and how people reacted.

Your entry can be anywhere from 60 to 1023 characters.

Achievement Unlocked – Spoilsport of Paradise (5)
You denied someone the chance to achieve Nirvana.

If you win, you get – wait for it – an Achievement. I’ll drop it in the comments of the winner. :)

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