Logged On (entry copy)

The game was everything. I hated doing chores, hated cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping. I could have everything I wanted right here, right now, with a click of the mouse.

My heart jumped. He was online. “Good morning!” I greeted. “Hey” he replied. I beamed. “How did you sleep?” “Fitfully.” “Aww. :( I’m sorry Hon.” My heart sank a little. I hated it when he said he didn’t sleep. “Would you sleep better if I was there?” I teased. “Prolly” he stated. My heart lifted.

Our day continued, running through the virtual world, leveling up, spending hours together, only breaking to grab some food and pee. During one such break I stole a shower and looked at myself in the mirror. I hadn’t put on make-up, dressed up, or gone outside in days. As the hot water coursed over me, I thought about kissing virtual lips and how it would be to kiss real ones. My mind drifted to my husband, whom I had kissed just last night, briefly before he went to bed. It was routine now, not exciting. I wanted the butterflies. So I logged on

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