Desperation and Pity

We think we’re so civilized. That we’ve evolved past our animal instincts. Truth is, that’s closer to wishful thinking than most would like to think. Maybe it’s just another one of those delusions that makes society possible; it’s right up there with “love thy neighbor.”

Have you ever seen true desperation? True fear? Society is no better than a 6 billion vultures each wheeling one over another waiting for scraps. Our moral centers – hell, our “souls” – are just one square meal away from disappearing.

Have you ever been hungry? It’s like that. It’s like that only a thousand times worse. I’m hungry. Hungry all the time. I can’t think, can’t move, can’t function without it. I have to sacrifice my time, my money, my friends – everything. I have to sacrifice my life to this demon. To myself.

Lou Reed said it best: “Heroin: be the death of me. Heroin: it’s my wife and it’s my life.”

I can’t hold a job, I can’t hold a lover, I can’t hold my head up with self-respect. I’m empty inside. I can’t do this anymore.

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