A Kiss

“This place is still beautiful.”
I looked around. “Yeah, I guess it is.” We were sitting on an old fallen log on my parents’ land, amidst a field of tall grass and old trees. It hadn’t meant much to me as a child, but as a young adult just out of college, I had begun to appreciate the beauty in simplicity.
“Almost as beautiful as you in that dress.” His eyes crinkled with laughter, but he made no sound.
“You making fun of me?” He shook his head. “Well, you can quit your sweet talking. I won’t go out with you. Even if you are—”
“What? Even if I am what?”
I frowned and shook my head. “Irritating. You’re a god damn nuisance, Jim! You always have been.”
Jim scooted closer. “And you’ve always liked it. Admit it, Shawna!” He chuckled and moved in to kiss my cheek, but I swiveled at the last second and his lips landed on mine. I jerked away, amazed.
“You did that on purpose,” I said, as a mischievous smile grew on my face. We laughed as I chased him around the field, secretly planning our next encounter.

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