We remember the Loving Mother
and the Father the All-Mighty
looming large in an infant’s eyes.

For each girl-woman makes the God
she craves and needs – then kneels
before Him and says, “Oh, please!”

And each boy-man makes himself
a Goddess that he wishes,
giving a Mother’s hugs and kisses.

And older men and women tend
to make our gods with
wrinkled brow and constant pout.

Still we always make our gods
to look a lot like me and you –
one head, one mouth, two eyes.

But the god of songbirds flies,
and the gods of all the fishes
must swim through ocean skies.

The god of cattle may be a bull,
or just maybe it’s a cow –
I can’t hope to settle that now.

God laughs? Not on your life!
The joke’s on us – but I’m told
She’s heard this joke before!

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