Time to Seduce

“Ready to seduce?” Mesmerizing Mary says to me as she applies her makeup. If you were to go behind the scenes of the famous club Majesty you’d see it’s just like the ones in the plays. You know, the big mirrors, tons of light bulbs around them, your own name on your own chairs, and the tons of makeup accessibility.

“Aren’t I always?” I say. I pull up my fishnet panties and put on my black stilettos, and smile into the mirror. My eyes are especially green tonight, which could possibly make my seductive dance better than ever and that may get me extra money tonight. The other girls have come back which means I’m next to be introduced. Only special dancers are introduced and in my short time here, I’ve made it that high.

“Now, for Seductive Stacie!” the manager yells as I walk into the bright lights. I keep my breathing controlled, needing every bit of it for my dance. I walk to my pole and eye one specific guy who seems to be a little young to be here. He gives me a slight smile.

Perfect, my first customer.

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