After Hours (II)

We end up in his dazzling apartment, on his bed, completely naked.

He kisses me nice and soft, and holds me like I’m a normal girl. So I get on top to show him I’m a woman as far as he knows. I begin to kiss him with no tongue. He, on the other hand, seems to enjoy tongue, because thats all he’s been trying to get in my mouth. That’s when I begin to move down his face, to his abs, and begin to suck his dick.

“Hmm,” he moans. I tune it out and continue doing what I’m doing, “Damn, you are good. Most girls use teeth.”

I take my mouth off his dick.

“Told you I was good,” I wink, even though he may not see it.

“Can you get off for a second,” he asks. I do as he says.


“How about we talk right now. I’ve cummed enough.”

“This isn’t Pretty Woman; I wont be your escort for a week,” I say sharply.

“What’s wrong with that movie?”

“Prostitutes aren’t like that. And we definitely don’t fall in love,” I say. He shrugs off my sarcasm, which impresses me.

This can only mean, I might… like him.

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