Hubert & Poppy's Grand Day Out

Hubert and Poppy were enjoying a wonderful day at the beach. They had had a sand castle competition and it had been decided that they had both won so that way no one’s feelings got hurt. Then Hubert, who was fishing in rock pools, discovered a deep dark cave.

“Let’s investigate!” said Poppy the talking dog.

“I don’t like the looks of it,” said Hubert who was nervous by nature.

“It’ll be fun!” said Poppy.

And it was! They made friends with a little ghost called William, found some buried treasure and rubbled some naughty smugglers; the natural inhabitants of deep dark caves situated by the sea.

When the day was almost over and it was time to go home Poppy and Hubert invited William to come have tea with them. And since William was such a polite little ghost who didn’t like to say that he didn’t actually need to eat because he was incorporeal, he accepted their invitation.

They all went home together and had ice cream for tea.

Later everyone agreed that it had been a grand day out.


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