Honeymoon (rain challenge)

It was raining. It never rains in Santorini this time of year. The fake palm trees dripped and swayed on the private stone patio. The sound of the drops on the tile roof brought the deafening rush of the tides closer to the couple entwined inside on the king size bed. The sound cocooned them, separating them from the rest of the world. They didn’t mind the rain, they had no real plans, just to be together.

Cassie rose first, wrapped herself in a silky robe, and made some toast, eggs, and juice to share with Alex. Smiling, she fed him his toast first, sometimes teasing him with the slice, not letting him get a bite. They both giggled and kissed so much, their food was cold by the time they were finished.

The rain slowed to a drizzle, but cuddling together was just as much paradise to the newlyweds as the Grecian island locale. Without much else to do, they spoke of their dreams, both immediate and far fetched, and laughed, and made love.

They didn’t know they were being watched.

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