Spring Brings Promise

The winter had passed slowly. Snowing, warming, melting, cooling, then snowing again. For most it was a hard season, but it only caused excitement for the doctor. This was exactly the weather patterns he needed in order for his organs to germinate.
At the first signs of spring, he had raced outside to check the progress of his experiment. There wasn’t even a bud.
He sank into a depression. Not showering, shaving, or even putting in his false teeth to eat. He simply gummed everything.
When the weather turned cool once more, his spirits lifted. At the next sign of spring, he walked once more to the basement door.
He stepped outside, raising his face to the sun, praying for results. He knelt in the melting snow, bringing his face close to the ground, searching.
There! A tiny red bud, pushing its way towards the light. It was working!
He would have to keep a close eye on them though. As soon as they were large enough, he had to transplant them to ensure their survival.

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