Ma Chérie (Lorie's Song) (Beginning - Not Finished)

Two years have came by so fast,
We are chasing the shadow you cast.
We will never be able to catch it,
[It’s out of our reach] – Background
We will always hate Satan, the culprit.
[Why’d she have to leave us?] – Background
It seems like just yesterday that you left,
Your death reminiscent of grand theft.
I wish the sad feelings would leave,
Some of us just can not grieve.

We always sing,
Every night,
We lie awake,
With thoughts of you,
Floa-ting- by.
And before-
We whisper,
Through night air:

“Bonne nuit ma cherie” (Goodnight my darling)
“S’il vous plaît de bien dormer” (Please sleep well)
“Tu nous manques, mon amour” (we miss you, my love)

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