Eyes. Attempt 1.

Josh never thought he was unique in any way. Nor did he appear that way doing homework.
She leans back in the chair, “You know Josh, you should get rid of those glasses.”

“Oh, yeah?” Josh says, righting himself to look over. “I like em. Besides, I can’t do the whole fingers in my eyes thing. It just creeps me out.”

“Oh, you’re such a little pansy.”

“Come on, they jab a flashlight into your cornea! Besides…I just wouldn’t look like me without em.”

“You’re allowed to be a little bitch if you want, I supp…” as Lauren gets cut off by a well aimed pillow. The two had perfected pillow fights and tickle wars to a fine art; their training evident as they rolled across the bed. In a rare moment of truce, the two flit their gazes from eye to eye to see who would break the tentative cease-fire. Lauren’s face softens for a moment, as she says, “Josh, you have very expressive eyes.”

Josh’s eyes widened and a smile formed in the corner of his eyes. “Thanks.”

It was the best compliment he’d ever received.

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