Tentacles versus Climbers

The creatures milled about, their tentacles slithering across the marsh like wet spaghetti noodles. Every creature’s lone eye pointed in all directions, checking for threats, checking for friends.

Now two creatures found each other. They locked eyes almost immediately and began gliding toward each other. The trees seemed to melt away in their path, for their course was set. Destiny was upon them, a marvelous unity of beast and beast…

… until the Climbers intervened. Their bodies were covered in eyes, always watching, always ready to strike. Their long, thin arms and sharpened talons reached for the tentacle creatures, trying to force them into their oversized mouths.

The two tentacle beasts looked at each other, and seemed to nod. Then, with a mighty roar, lasers shot out from their eyes, disintegrating the Climbers. Their remains fell to the ground.

The tentacle creatures slithered away. It was bad luck to continue the mating ritual. After all… they couldn’t see where to stick it anymore.

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