A Walk To Remember

We were arm in arm, walking alongside the river. The moon was perfectly reflected on the surface of the water. I snuggled close into you to keep warm and you, being the gentleman that you are, offered me your coat.
Our perfect moment but it didn’t last.
I heard his footsteps before you did, saw the glint of his gun. A blast of fear shot through me but I wasn’t afraid for myself. I was afraid for you.
He turned you around by the shoulder, pressed the gun into your stomach. I heard him demand money. You gave him everything we had, begged him not to hurt us. It seemed to play out in slow motion. It felt like a movie I had seen a thousand times before. I knew how it would end.
He tried to take me away from you, not satisfied with having stolen from us, but you wouldn’t let him. He was aiming for you when he fired. The bullet found me instead.
I fell so slowly it seemed to take an age to reach the ground. Your scream followed me down and down until I couldn’t hear you anymore.
I’m sorry I died in your arms.

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