Bid for my Virginity (III)

I’d never thought they’d start so high. I looked around hoping that they’d think it too expensive but unfortunately the man who asked the question raised a hand, bidding.

After that, the bids flowed in, all bidding at least once. Obviously I was very popular. Eventually the price became too high for all but one. The first bidder. The price he offered was 18,500 euros. I gulped as Mr. Black announced that my virginity had been sold. The man came forward, closer to me as the rest glared at him and turned tail and left the room.

“Belle” said Mr. Black, “Go into that room behind you, just through the door there and wait for Mr. Hymon” He turned to this ‘Mr, Hymon’ and started negotiating terms and when the money would come through etc. etc. Hesitantly I looked behind me and saw the door. I went in and saw that a large four poster double bed stood against the wall directly in front of me. Out of a side door came an older woman who handed me a pack of condoms. “Make sure to use them” she said leaving the room.

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