Wait... He Killed The Guy?!?!?!

I struggled to get out of the bag I was trapped in. It was a big burlap sack. I screamed and cried. I didn’t want to die by suffocating in a sack. Suddenly, I heard a strange noise. It sounded like metal scrapping against the ground. What’s that noise? I thought. Then it hit me. He was digging a hole.
He was going to bury me alive. I screamed louder, and prayed. But my screams went unheard, and my prayers went unanswered. I heard the man grunt with effort. I knew the hole was getting deeper. Then it was silent. The man grabbed the bag. When he opens the bag, I’ll punch him and run. I thought. Only when the bag opened, I fell down.
When I landed, I hit something hard, and wooden. A coffin. He was going to bury me in a coffin so I couldn’t dig my way out. The coffin was nailed shut before I could even move. Then I could hear something hitting the coffin. Dirt. He was burring me.
The worst part was that he would get away with it. No one would suspect him. Not one soul. After all, now he’s the new priest.

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