It's Going To Be Fine

The last period of the day, eighth period, takes too long. Social Studies is one of my good subjects, but with all the things on my mind I can’t concentrate. The moment the bell sings sweet freedom I jet out of that classroom and head straight to my locker.

As I approach my locker, I see Shay sitting down on the floor, her back on my locker staring straight ahead of her to nothing.

Jane. She must’ve talked to Jane about the party and not gotten the answer she wanted, which only tells me that I’m not going to like it either. I suppose if Austin really wants to hang out with me, he’ll find me at my locker, but right now I need to tend to my best friend.

“Shay, are you okay?” I ask, knowing the answer is obvious. She doesn’t answer me so I continue to talk, “is it, you know who?” She nods and tears start to run down her face.

“She likes someone else,” Shay finally says. I sit down next to her and she places her head on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry, hun. It’s going to be fine.”

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