Very Much Alive

“Madam, please!”

Claire pushed him back to the bed impatiently.

“Young man, there is much to tell and you are exhausted. You’ve barely been awake an hour and your injuries were not simply scratches!” Mason opened his mouth to protest but she immediately raised a hand. “Before you go anywhere you will be seen to by your mother. Why, she doesn’t even know you’re-”

“You’re alive.” The two words were all Brianne could muster without losing composure entirely.

Mason quickly turned to her voice. He’d looked nearly frantic, but upon laying eyes on Brianne, his entire body seemed to exhale. A small smile graced his features and he locked gazes with her, both equally as stunned as the other. Neither noticed Claire quietly leave the room to fetch his mother, nor the knowing grin that replaced her frown as she shut the door.

“Yes.” Mason finally responded, the word barely audible.

“Your bed was empty…I thought…but…you’re alive!” Brianne repeated breathlessly.

Mason’s smile widened.

“Very much so.”

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