Whiteout, 02

Her Mom is on her cell to work so Kim’s sketching when the sleezebag walks in. A cop too, but cops aren’t all that – if you’ve got the uniform down you’re just doing variations on faces, so: boring. But a genuine done-time thug? Sweet.

She’s about got his black eye down (nice and smudgy, Kim sees no use for ’h’s 1 thru 6) when he turns from the window and starts to study his table, leaning forward. The cop’s taking his coffee from Jane when the door opens again – a cute guy with a blonde beard wearing a rust red windbreaker walks in and makes for the back of the diner. As he passes the thug, his hand comes from his jacket and throws something metal behind the guy’s back.

Kim looks at her pad and when she looks up scuzzball’s walking past her, fast, into the toilets. The cop’s looking at the empty seat, says something to Jane and half runs to the toilet door. Kim looks back and upwards…

Beardy grins at her, walks to the door— taking something else metal from his pocket. Not keys, this time.


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