Little brothers are not meant to see some things.

Katie’s water just broke. It was disgusting. I had to very carefully hold back the vomit coming up my throat. She was wearing a short skirt too, one that a 9 months pregnant woman should not be wearing. She screamed in pain, and naturally, as her brother, I felt kinda bad. So i carried her to my car and started driving. She was yelling at me to drive faster, but there wasn’t much I could do since the traffic was so bad.
We weren’t going to make it. I tried to keep calm but it was really hard with my sister going into labor next to me. I decided to pull over. She frantically asked what I was doing. But she knew just as well as I did that there was no way. I stopped in a parking lot next to some vacant resturant. She would have killed me if it was open.
I got out and helped her. I was starting to see more of my sister that I ever wanted to see. Just as I saw the head, She asked me to hold her hand. I was busy, so I said I couldn’t. She just glared at me and said, “Grab my hand, now.”

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