Listen Babe, Said the Snake

“Listen babe,” said the Snake. “You got me all wrong. I’m just a contract player. I’m not one of the movers and shakers. One job, that’s it, and an easy one at that. All I have to do is get that lady over there to eat an apple. No mess. No fuss. Just one good old fashioned grift and then, we’re outta here.”

“I dunno, Bernie.” his girlfriend, a gecko, said with an expression of doubt on her face. “I overheard God talking to them this morning and I am pretty sure there’s more to it than what you’re saying. He seemed pretty adamant. If she eats that apple there’s going to be trouble for sure.”

“Stay out of it, Esmeralda,” said Bernie. “You’re messing with things you don’t understand.” Upon that admonition, Bernie went on his way, his business to perform.

“Listen, Eve,” said the gecko. “I think my boyfriend is trying to put sonething over on you. You should maybe give the whole apple thing a miss, you know?”

“You’re right,” said Eve, spying Adam under a pear tree. "Honey, let me try one of those . . . "

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