From The Inside Out

Therys shut his eyes and thanked the gods that serpents don’t chew their food. Gorm’s gullet expanded and contracted around him, forcing him ever deeper into the beast. After what seemed an eternity, Therys felt one final squeeze and dropped awkwardly into the stomach, digestive juices washing over him.

He had to work quickly if there was to be any hope of success. Lifting himself to his knees, he reached out with his hands and searched along the stomach lining. It wasn’t long before he found the nerve endings. He bowed his head in deep concentration and, warily, allowed his life force to go out into the serpent.

The sensation was astounding, like nothing he’d ever felt before. Neurons. Synapses. Axons. By themselves, they were little more than cells and fibers, but combined they were Gorm. Gradually, a map began to form in Therys’ mind, a detailed manual of the reptile’s every intricacy.

Therys had his answer, the information he needed to free the garden from Gorm’s grasp.

He tore the serpent open.

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