Hit and Run

“Is he breathing?” Mindy asked.

“How the hell I’m I supposed to know I’m not a doctor?”

“Well check his pulse.”

“Like I’m going to bend over and get my dress dirty, you can forget it Mindy.” Cindy rolled her eyes to express her displeasure.

“You can be a real bitch sometimes.”

Mindy pushed Cindy out of her way and walked towards the man lying on the side of the road. She knelt down to feel the man’s wrist, only to feel a slight pulse. “I think he is still alive, we got to help him.”

Cindy sighed at the request. “You know what Mindy, I only liked you to sleep with your father and guess what he isn’t what I thought a young male doctor would be.” Cindy walked to her car in her bright red heels, with a white short skirt and a low cut shirt. She slipped in a Porsche 911 and sped down the highway with the front bumper hanging off.

“Fuck you.” Mindy said as she watched Cindy drive away.

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