When Maddie Met Hatter

Alice in Wonderland, man I was hooked for life. The SyFy mini-series Alice was on and I was at my Best Friend Amy-lee’s house. We sat down with our Cosplay costumes on. Mine like the Mad Hatter’s and hers like Alice’s.

After the show was over we headed into the woods and found and saw a giant hole in the ground, curiosity kills. The large oak trees lumbered above us the light seeping through branches. The sun hit the hole with curious accuracy.

Amy panicked.
I walked over to it, Amy tried to grab me, i shrugged her off.
“When did this get here?” I asked Amy-lee.
“I don’t know Maddie. I was just in here last weekend and nothing was here.” She stated.

“Well shall we venture in and find out what it is?” I asked excitment plastered to my face. She took a nervous step back from the hole. “I don’t think I can do it. I’ll just wait for you here. OK?” She sat down and smiled an innocent smile.
“Fine, but if I’m not out within an hour come after me.” I smirked and jumped into the hole. I fell into eternal darkness.

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