2: The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most

The Brilliant Dance cut easily through the high seas, barely causing any discomfort to its passengers. Dan Eastly and his cousin Mike were sitting on the railings, smoking a pack of Screaming Infidelities brand cigarettes. There was a picture of a scantily clad woman on the front of the box and the obligitory health warning on the back. Dan stared at the woman.
“Well I suppose she had to find out sooner or later. Even The Best Deceptions come undone eventually,” he said.
“I know but I think its This Ruined Puzzle that she’s more upset about. Uncle Joe brought it back from Peru for her.” Mike sighed.
“You never know. She might forgive you, take you back. Even Saints And Sailors have been known to get along. You should at least try to fight The Good Fight.”
They were passing a vast cargo ship stacked high with containers. The paint on the side identified it as the Standard Lines.
Again I Go Unnoticed,” Mike said.
“Oh nothing. This Bitter Pill is tough to swallow is all.”

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