Two Girls against the World

Nyci dragged herself across the cold, hard ground towards Juno. Her legs were cut and bruised, tied tightly, and her eyes were red.

“Juno, are you all right?”

“Yes,” smiled Juno. She pushed herself upright and gathered her skirts about her gracefully, “How long have you been imprisoned in this disgraceful hovel?”

“This disgraceful hovel is the basement of a house just outside of the city.” Nyci leaned her head back against the wall, exhausted. “Only a day, milady.”

Juno nodded. “I wonder what we shall do.” She sighed, “Locked away in my own kingdom.”

Nyci patted her arm sympathetically. “Await a rescue, my queen?”

Juno turned away and tapped on the wall. It was completely solid: no fake wood like some of the peasant houses she had visited.

“Perhaps Therys will rescue us…” Nyci began. Her tone was dreamy and hopeful and Juno felt a slight pang of jealousy that another woman felt as she did for the handsome magician.

“No.” Juno smiled, “I fear it is us that will need to rescue Lord Therys.”

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