I’ve been trapped in this tiny prison for months, with no memory of how I got here, or why. I simply awoke to find myself trapped, alone, unable to remember my name or my past.

The last few weeks I’ve been exercising almost constantly, building my strength for an inevitable escape. It seems foolhardy to attempt before I’ve learned more about my captors or who I am; however, I’ve grown weary of this tiny cell and feel an innate urge to break free.

A light creeps in… shattering the darkness. This is it.

I claw my way towards the light, kicking and screaming. The bright white of the room temporarily blinds me as I’m immediately apprehended. I catch a glimpse of his face, but he’s wearing a mask. I paw at it to get a clear image of the man I’m destined to kill if he tries to put me back into that dark prison.

I hear a smattering of voices around me as I’m passed around the room. Eventually I’m in the arms of a crying woman. I see the love through her tear-strained eyes, and know that I’m finally home again.

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