Midnight In The Garden of Eden

“You will not die,” the serpent laughed. “You will be like God and know good from evil. It’s in the name of the tree, for crying out loud!” Eve glanced at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and chewed her lower lip.

That night Eve crept to the tree. Seeing nothing irregular, she cautiously reached for a fruit. “Please refrain from touching the merchandise, ma’am,” a voice called. Eve jumped, and looked around frantically. She finally spotted an owl perched on a branch. He was wearing a blue hat with a metal insignia.

“Can’t I take just one piece?” she asked, fluttering her eyes.

“Fruit picking hours are nine to five, ma’am. Please come back then.” The owl hooted and ruffled his feathers. “Move along now.”

Eve pouted and made as if to leave. Moving around the trunk, she reached for fruit out of the owl’s visual range. “Don’t make me peck your eyes out, ma’am,” the owl called from the other side of the tree. Eve shook an angry fist and scurried away. She would have to come back in the morning.

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