Donovan’s skin was boiling. Literally bubbling with the intensity of the heat. He recalled a spell from the inner folds of his mind that tapped a cold source a thousand dimensions away. He sucked in as much frigid air as he could draw in the five seconds he had before his body would burst into flame. His inner core cooled. His skin was melted, but whole.

His opponent noticed the recovery and began a new incantation. He had just enough time to finish his shield spell before a wave of force blasted him. It crashed violently against his newly-constructed protective covering. It was only a stop-gap solution; a band-aid. He needed to get on the offensive with an attack spell, but none were coming to his addled and confused mind.

The school children around the two magical gladiators watched in awe. Just moments ago, this was an ordinary bustling elementary school cafeteria. Now, two ancient wizards, trapped within the bodies of eight-year old children, were engaged in an age-old battle.

And Donovan was losing.

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