Just a Purple Rock

I opened the rocket doors and peered out into the extraterrestrial purple landscape, thick smog filled the atmosphere and high crater walls extended up into the martian sky. Upon my first steps form the shuttle the rockets beneath my feet seemed to emit a high pitched squeal like styrofoam going through a band saw. I scooped up one of the strange rocks and headed back to my ship, inside I shed the protective skin of my spacesuit to examine the rock more closely.

The rock was a darker shade or periwinkle and was much lighter than it looked. The light reflected through it like it had some crystalline structure. Then when ever I picked it up with my bare hand it would sting like getting a splinter. I examined my finger to see a small sharp shard penetrating my skin. From there I put the rock in to a container and suited back up to gather more specimens from this planet.

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