20: The Usual Haunts

Eli considered himself a better class of ghost than his peers. For instance, he wouldn’t be caught dead in an abandoned hospital or creepy graveyard. No, Eli was the sort of ghost who haunted five star restaurants and the sort of exclusive spas that only the filthy rich could afford to frequent.

He had always been something of a snob in life and now in death he was unbearable. He would drone on and on to anyone within hearing range about the stock market and the latest articles in the Financial Times and there was nothing they could do about it since they couldn’t see him. Eli had, without meaning to, driven quite a few celebrities insane.

As a result of his high profile haunting, Eli was eventually exorcised by a rather young and, in Eli’s opinion, scruffy priest who told him to pack it in and for goodness sake go into the light.

So he did.

I have it on good authority that Eli is not impressed with what lies beyond. Apparently they’ll let just about any old riff raff through the pearly gates.

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