Resistance Retreat

“We can’t leave!” I shouted, “everytime you move back they gain a victory!”
Vlad tapped my shoulder, “You can’t speak to a Chosen like that, Kel!”
“She stopped being a Chosen the minute she sneaked beyond the wall!” I shot back.
“Our numbers are dwindling,” Liz said, “Everyday, the Archons find more of us. Everyday, those brave enough to not accept conformity, get sterilized,” her face was pained, I could see the anguish painted upon it; as sure as I felt my own frustration seeing the answers for which i’d been searching for so many years slipping away, “If we stay,” she continued, “There will be no revolution! We’ll all be dead!”
The silence was a heavy weight upon all of us in the Library.
“Where will you go?” I asked.
“I thought it was all dead-lands North of here!”
“That is what the Archons tell you!” she spun on a heel, and led us towards the back of the library, where we saw more men and women packing bags of books. “Beyond the border is free civilization,”
“I don’t believe it!”

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