Trouble on the Io

The ship shuddered as another explosion rocked through its core. Alarms were blaring and an anxious crew was already in the process of running around, managing their various sectors of the enormous craft. On the bridge, Captain Delany was wringing his hands, nervously attempting to grasp the situation and take control in some noticeable way.

It was his third day on the job.

“Captain!” an ensign yelled over the cacophony of sounds echoing throughout the bridge. “That last explosion took out engine four!”

“OKAY!” Captain Delany yelled back. “All right! That’s great!”

“Not really, captain,” the ensign yelled back. “We’re practically just floating through space now on just one engine. And we still have no idea where the explosions are coming from.”

“Excellent!” the captain replied. “That’s wonderful!”

“Captain!” his lieutenant screamed. “We need some orders! Show some leadership and tell the crew what to do!”

Captain Delany paced within the confines of his mind. This week was not going according to plan.

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