The Pursuit

Having just been sacked, and nearly exploded, Rafferty had a lot on his mind. His professional career was perhaps ended and now he was on his way to meet Ismarelda, the once love of his life and now the most dangerous person in it. “What have you got yourself into?” he said out loud to himself. Only in the brief pause between Acts 1 and 2 of Madam Butterfly did he notice the tail.


On any other case he would have kept it cool, allowing the game of cat and mouse to play itself out, with Rafferty always the winner. But this was not any other case, and he had neither the time nor the patience today. Power-shifting the Aston Martin into fifth gear, he forced the tail to reveal themselves. Weaving in and out of traffic, he barreled down the motorway at nearly 200 KPH, and, just as he predicted, a BMW struggled to keep up. After a few seconds it was lost far behind.

The BMW was fine automobile, but it was no Aston Martin.

“Hold on… Ava drives a BMW…”

The pieces began to fall into place.

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